Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Political Zen

To all my liberal friends: divided government is good. It encourages debate and compromise on issues that should not be decided along party lines.  There is a role for government but we cannot kill the private sector in order to redistribute wealth or grant government control to every sector of every life.  Ignore people who hate others or call them idiot's because they disagree with a point of view. These people are political poison. 

You are not the center of the nation.

To all my conservative friends: you did not take the senate due to purest ideology thrown behind less-than-electable candidates. There is a role for government in our lives to help others. We need your voice to help determine the most cost effective way to do that but to make a positive change you have to be open to change. Don't shut out liberal ideas just because a loud person on the radio or web says to.

You are not the center of the nation.

To the sane center: hold the new guys responsible for their actions. Make them return sanity to the national government through tactics used by the looney left and purest right. Pay attention. Get involved. Write emails. Try to tap down the fringe in either direction and disavow the talking heads and loud people.

Pay more attention to the body politic and listen to different view points but always use common sense about human nature to shape your decisions. Ignore numbers thrown at you by either side. They are lies wrapped in statistics. Use what you see around you to make your decisions.

If an elite takes a point of view, first ask yourself "what's in it for them." The political elites will use you to further their own ends. The media elites seek to influence you to make advertising dollars and exert a slightly twisted control over the political process.

DO NOT get caught up in a cult of personality. That leads to the suspension of critical thought and the shutting out of other view points.

When the presidential election comes around, cross party lines vote against the extreme elements of either party that seem to be doing well.

Thus endeth my political thought for the day.